Multi-User Account System

Designed to streamline operations for schools, colleges, training centers, and more, EdTech ERP comes with eight distinct user account types.

Super Admin

Key Features

With an array of integrated modules encompassing every aspect of school operations, EdTech ERP empowers educational institutions to optimize their processes, engage students, and achieve excellence.


Manage class and teacher timetables, assign class teachers, promote students, and organize subjects, classes, and sections efficiently.


Stay connected with alumni by managing alumni records and organizing events to foster ongoing engagement.


Track student attendance, approve leave requests, and view attendance records by date for accurate reporting.

Behaviour Records

Record and manage student behavior incidents, generate reports, and customize behavior record settings.

All Board Examination

Organize CBSE, ICSE, State, IB, IGCSE, NIOS, ISC, SSC, HSC, A-Level exams with schedules, grade management, marksheet generation, assessment templates, and comprehensive reporting tools.


Generate student certificates and ID cards effortlessly, including student and staff ID card management.


Effectively communicate with stakeholders through notice boards, emails, SMS, and scheduled communication logs.

Download Center

Share various content types such as documents, videos, and tutorials, and manage content sharing lists.


Manage exam groups, schedules, results, admit cards, marksheets, and exam-related reporting.


Track and manage expenses, search expense records, and define expense categories for accurate financial management.

Fees Collection

Collect fees, manage payments, search due fees, apply discounts, and send reminders using flexible fee management features.

Front CMS

Manage website content including events, galleries, news, media, pages, menus, and banner images efficiently.

Front Office

Handle admission inquiries, visitor logs, phone call records, postal dispatches, complaints, and front office configurations.

Gmeet Live Classes

Conduct and manage live classes and meetings using Google Meet integration, with detailed reporting and settings.


Assign daily homework tasks and manage student assignments effectively within the system.


Organize hostel rooms, room types, and accommodation details for seamless hostel management.

Human Resource

Manage staff directory, attendance, payroll, leave requests, ratings, departments, designations, and disabled staff records.


Record and track sources of income, search income records, and define income categories for financial reporting.


Monitor item stock, issue items, manage suppliers, categories, and stores, ensuring efficient inventory management.

Lesson Plan

Create, manage, and track lesson plans, syllabus status, lessons, and topics for standardized teaching practices.


Manage book lists, track book issues and returns, and add students/staff as library members for streamlined library operations.

Multi Branch

Access an overview and reports for multi-branch institutions, with customizable settings for each branch.

Online Course

Offer online courses with flexible payment options, course categories, reports, and settings tailored for e-learning.

Online Examinations

Conduct online exams with a question bank feature for easy exam preparation and management.

QR Code Attendance

Simplify attendance tracking using QR codes, with configurable settings for attendance management.


Generate comprehensive reports on student information, finance, attendance, examinations, and more for data-driven insights.

Student Information

Manage student details, admissions, disabled students, categories, houses, and bulk operations efficiently.

System Setting

Configure general, session, notification, SMS, email, permissions etc.


Manage transport fees, pickup points, routes, vehicles, and student transport fees for efficient transportation management.

Zoom Live Classes

Conduct and manage live classes and meetings using Zoom integration, with detailed reporting and configurable settings.

Global Institute Management

Manage financial transactions effortlessly with multi-currency support, ensuring seamless international operations. Enhance user accessibility and engagement through multi-language capabilities. Centralize financial data and optimize accounting processes with global accounting and consolidation features, providing holistic financial visibility across diverse institutions and locations.

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